Growing Lilies

Flower gardening can be a rewarding pastime. The best part about it is you get to put your creative thinking into designing arrangements of flowers in your own backyard. There is nothing quite like stepping out of the house on a Sunday morning to see those beautiful flowers and feeling the freshness of the air. You can have them delivered or you can arrange them yourself. It’s all up to you.


Yearly and seasonal arrangements are a good way to start your journey through floral design. A perennial plant will give your arrangements year round blooms and many of them will survive the winter. Some perennials like ephemeral trees and shrubs do well if you dig them up in the fall and replant them before the winter. You can create some very stunning floral arrangements this way. Yearly floral designs will provide flowers all year long, however, perennial arrangements will not return the next year they are placed, however they will provide beautiful blooms throughout the year.

Most people find that they have more success with their seasonal floral arrangements and winter wedding bouquets than they do with arrangements that have a perennial cover. Many perennials do very well in pots and this allows you to move them around as you wish. They tend to get snagged on wires or other things in the garden and this leads to them dying. Potted varieties will stay in one spot and do not snag and kill the plant, making them a much safer choice for home gardeners.

Flower Gardening can also consist of perennial plants such as cacti and ferns. These types of plants will grow for the length of the year. They have an endless array of styles, colors, and textures to suit any taste. They are most commonly used as borders or backdrop for shrubs, herbs, and vegetables. They do well if they are planted at least six to eight feet tall and about twelve to sixteen inches wide. They can be planted up to two feet deep.

Many people also prefer to grow their own homegrown bouquets of flowers. It is possible to grow all types of flowers and many different varieties. Most indoor gardens are not complete without a few well-loved perennials such as roses, tulips, hydrangeas, and camellias. Perennial plants will stay alive throughout the winter months only. The flowers come out looking as lovely as when they were planted a month earlier.

A popular method of planting lily flowers is by allowing them to grow up through the base of a tree. Cut individual buds off the plant and place them on the trunks or branches of the tree. If you are using a tree that has already been established, make sure there are not any cracks or other damages near the buds. Small cracks around the base of the plant may allow birds to obtain seed, which could in turn cause problems for your lily plant. When the flowers have flowered, cut off the flowering buds and store the remaining flowers in an airtight container. Do not re-pot the plant until after it flowers again.