Creating Your Own Flowers – Late Summer Flower Garden Ideas

Nothing says elegance like the delicate scent of flowers. From the moment they are planted, flowers set the tone for a romantic or celebratory occasion. There are several ways to arrange flowers for your special someone and create an intimate atmosphere. In this article we’ll cover some of those ways, as well as the basics for planning your own flower arrangements.

Tip. When arranging your floral arrangements, don’t forget about the vase. Your vase can be as elaborate or simple as you like, but it is the focal point of the arrangement. Keep cut flowers from direct sunlight, never let fresh cut flowers stay in direct sunlight, and keep cut flowers out of hot winds by lowering vases or poles into water during cold days. Additionally, keep other floral arrangements (such as candles and other decorative pieces) out of the vase to avoid accidental snags.

Tip. One great idea for late summer floral arrangements is to use multiple types of flowers. For instance, if you are interested in creating an intimate atmosphere, plant blue-flowered lilies along with dahlias in small clusters that hang down four feet or more from your head. These will provide a touch of color throughout your floral arrangement. Similarly, keep goldenrod and gladioli in shady areas of your garden to give plants a sunny glow.

Tip. If you are growing fresh cut flowers and plan to let them stay in a vase or pot all year, you’ll need to prune the plants frequently. However, don’t do it right before flowering. Instead, wait until the plant flowers, allowing the cut flowers to grow up and spread their roots.

Tip. Choose rich colors and textures for your flowers. Dark rich shades of pink, orange, red, maroon, or brown will look best when they are in rich soil that has just been lightly sprayed with a little water. Rich shades of cream, yellow, or off white would look wonderful when they are in shades of light brown that are deeply saturated with soil.

If you plant roses in full sun, be aware that they will burn and lose their colors if they spend too much time in full sun. In areas that receive little or no sun exposure, opt for a mixture of deep pink, maroon, and off white color varieties of roses. These color varieties will look their best in partial shade and full sun exposure. In areas that receive full sun exposure, opt for rich colors such as deep pink, orange, and red.