Club Computer Issues

We’ve been having some computer issues here at the Orchid Forum, and mostly it has to do with some malware that got onto some of our personal computers.  I have to tell you, I have been on the internet since the 90’s and things have come a long way!  It’s not just viruses that you have to watch out for, you have to watch out for all these malicious programs now that will steal all sorts of information from you and then either use it or sell it on the black market.

Recently a member had their computer compromised by “ransomware”.  Sally doesn’t even know where she got this problem from in the first place, but the issue was that the ransomware seized all of her information and then held it hostage.  She ended up having to throw out the computer and lost a lot of her information in the process, including photos and music that she had purchased.

The only way to prevent this kind of thing from happening is to ensure that you are careful and that you have adequate protection methods in place.

Recently we decided to try out Avast Internet Security after reading this review of Avast.  This software is excellent – it really was easy to use and set up, even for old folks like us.  We were trying to decide between that software and Enigma’s Spyhunter 4.  I will say it was kind of close but Avast won out for us just due to the several features that it had, such as the Avast Passwords application.

I’ve used security software before, and in fact I used to hate it.  But Avast has changed my mind – I actually like that it’s running on my computer.  I feel like I know what I’m doing when I open the applications.

The only other things that we can tell our members to do are the very basics of computer safety: don’t visit bad internet neighborhoods and don’t open emails that you don’t recognize.  Now, we understand that you can’t always prevent certain things.  However, you can do a lot.  I highly recommend trying out Avast – there is even a free version of it if you can’t afford Avast Internet Security.

Another thing that we like to do here at the Orchid Forum is to ensure that our data is backed up.  We use Backblaze on the servers and I have begun to use it on my own personal computer as well.  Backblaze automatically detects new files on your computer and then backs them up to the cloud.  This way you always have your data backed up, and you don’t have to rely on yourself to remember to run a backup.  Because if you’re like me, you always forget to do that stuff.

How about hearing from our readers?  Have you run into an issue with spyware or malware or a virus?  How did you deal with the problem?  Did you get your data back?  And what advice would you give people moving forward?